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In this post you can find information about Zara, who born in Spain and is one of the most important store that sell clothes for men, woman and kids, also accesories and shoes, Zara is an international  fashion store, we can find stores in differents zones: Asia, Africa, America and Europe. If you want to buy in Zara Online here you will find important information that you need.

shop zara online

Zara have a online store, in this site you can look catalogue, the latest colections, all the new trend of fashion, clothes for kids, men and woman. If you want to shop online in Zara Store, the following guide will help you:

The first step is go to the Zara´s website. After that, you can look many options, for example woman, men, kids, accesories, and other things, also you can choose differents kind of clothes, for example jackets, t-shirt, sweaters, jeans, shoes, etc. you can choose everything you want to see and If you are interested in this clothes and you like to buy, you can choose the color of the clothes, the size, and then you have to choose the option Add to Bag.

You can pay with different kind of payment, on of the most used is Paypal, if you have an account with money, also you can to buy with your credit card, Zara online accept the following credit cards, Visa Electron, Mastercard, American Express,Visa.

The shipping is one of the most important option in your pourchase, because you have three kind of shipping, one of them is free shipping, this spend 5 days to send you your selled product, the second shipping option is the common shipping, and it cost 4 dollars, and the express shipping, cost 6 dollars and the delay is 24 – 48 hours. In addition you can look the politic of shipping and the taxes, one of the most important way that you have to know is that if you buy something in Zara online you don’t have the option Free Tax. After your pourchase you receive an e-mail with all the information about the product that you buy.

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